In Orange County, CA, I grew up on the beach. Summers were spent in a bikini, on the sand, or splashing in the waves from age four to the time I moved to LA to study fashion at FIDM. Spoiler: I came back home to the beach after graduation. What can I say? It's a special place to me!
As I learned more and more about the apparel industry, specifically swimwear, I became increasingly aware of the harm it brought upon Mama Earth. Fast fashion pushes out new collections seemingly every day, made from synthetic fibers (micro-plastics) that only end up in landfills. Those microplastics shed every time a suit is washed, leading to ocean pollutants.
So why are 65 million tons of these plastic-based materials generated every year? Synthetic fabrics are ideal for swimwear. They're stretchy, moisture-wicking, and inexpensive. But at what cost to our planet?
We wanted to do better. I wanted to pay respect to the beautiful beaches that raised me. I worked with experts and researched for months before discovering the perfect swim fabric - a nylon-like material, made from regenerated consumer waste.
Not only did I want Jilaine to be sustainable, but I wanted the brand to be inclusive and sexy. There's nothing better than putting on a bikini that just makes you feel GOOD. The design process involved heavy research of trends and silhouettes to create a sustainable, sexy, line of luxury swimwear, but I'm so proud of where we've landed. We're so honored that you're along for the ride. Thanks for joining the Jilaine family, babe!
Brooke Jilaine Shannon