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About Creator | Founder

 Brooke Jilaine Shannon grew up in a small town in the central valley of California.  As a young teen Brooke’s parents moved her and her sister to Orange County in order to foster their love of the arts.  As a child Brooke did not fully understand the state of our oceans.  In high school she studied oceanography and was strongly impacted.  She then got involved in beach clean ups and started to feel that she could make a difference. After high school, Brooke followed her passion for swimwear to FIDM, where she realized that sustainability is more tangible than ever. In 2019, Brooke graduated from FIDM with honors. Immediately upon graduating Brooke was on a mission to pair her love of swimwear with her love of the ocean.

Brooke is a natural trendsetter who understands the importance of the people she surrounds herself with. She has built a close-knit social circle of other creatives all of whom support each other and build each other up. Brooke has always wanted to be her own boss, has a gift for encouraging others, and is a brilliant designer. She has a strong vision and natural ability to manifest. Using these gifts, Brooke has established and built a brand with purpose.  With the causes and impact of the ocean pollution, she has dedicated her brand to make a change by letting people know there is a new way of shopping. Jilaine believes you can be confident in self-expression and breaking the rules while making a global impact.